Friday, December 19, 2008


Hari tu sewaktu 'menjelajah' (google Warna Hati), Kak Meen terjumpalah komen pembaca ni. Rasa seronok pula bila ada pembaca bukan Melayu yg sudi membaca novel Kak Meen & siap review lagi di blognya.

Thank you very much, Cmate.. for such a sweet review of Warna Hati

20 November 2008

Warna Hati

Book Title: Warna Hati
Author: Meen Zulaikha

Amount of Pages: 512

I've been wanting to read this novel for a long time, finally got my hands on a copy of it from the bookstore last week. And I've got to say - it's pretty addictive.

Warna Hati tells the story of a woman in her early thirties who is single and available. Her younger sisters are getting married one by one while she remains single as she crafts a career in the marketing industry. When the pressure to get married and be loved by a man weighs down her shoulders, she decides to give speed dating a try. There, she meets two guys - handsome stylish Erman and shoulder-length hair, Harith. While she decides on the man of her dreams, her mother forces her to marry Jefri, the man who once humilated her in public during high school days. Thus, the adventure of her love life begins. Three guys, one girl - whom will she choose?

This novel highlights two main issues: (1)True love will prevail with patience and (2)Conflicts of homosexuals. Each chapter is rich with a drama scenario of its own, keeping you at the edge of the pages as you flip from one to another. The flow of the story is neither too fast nor slow making reading a pleasure. Best of all, the dialogues, it's natural.

Do expect some creative storytelling approach in Warna Hati as the novel strongly portrays the creative mind behind the writer.


Rauzah said...

Tahniah Kak Meen :-)

Meen Zulaikha said...

T/kasih Rauzah & t/ksih juga kerana sering berkongsi emel. Kak Meen hargai..

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